Located only seven miles south of Atlanta’s business district, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world today. In 2006, the Atlanta Airport was ranked as the world’s busiest airport according to the amount of flights and number of passengers that passed through the airport. Intriguingly, the majority of flights that pass through the Atlanta airport are connection flights to other small cities.

There are over 55,000 employees at the Atlanta airport, and it is the largest place of employment in the entire state. As large as it is, the airport is actually arranged in a logical manner for ease of movement through the terminals and successive concourses. The two main terminals, the North and South terminals, are arranged around the main terminal area that’s used for security screenings. After making your way through security, visitors are directed to their correct concourses, labeled T, A, B, C, D and E.

Passengers on Atlanta flights may board at these concourses, and there is expected to be a brand new terminal completed by 2010 for international flights. For visitors to the Atlanta airport who are unfamiliar with the concourse layouts, here is a brief overview of which airlines board at each area:

Concourse T: American Airlines, Delta Airlines (United States and Canada), United Airlines

Concourse A: Delta Airlines

Concourse B: Delta Airlines

Concourse C: AirTran Airways, Delta Airlines

Concourse D: Air Canada, AirTran Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Midwest Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, US Airways, Vacation Express

Concourse E (International): Air France, Air Jamaica, British Airways, Delta Airlines (International), KLM, Korean Air, Lufthansa

Concourse F (International): to be opened in 2010

Remember, always check the terminal and concourse listings for specific flight gates! The check-in and baggage claim is all generally done at the North Terminal, with the exception of Delta Airlines and associated Delta airlines like Delta Connection, which takes place in the South Terminal.

One of the more interesting things about the Atlanta airport is that it operates the highest amount of Boeing 767 planes in the entire world! Delta Airlines is the primary operator of Boeing 767 aircraft, and this airline makes its home at the Hartsfield-Jackson airport, which is why the entire South Terminal is devoted to Delta Airlines!

While it is an extensively large airport that moves an enormous amount of passengers, a great deal of forethought went into the airport’s planning and construction to ensure ease of movement through the various terminals and concourses, making each visitor’s stay as pleasant as possible. In fact, several other airports in the United States have developed their airports based on the Atlanta layout! The Denver International Airport has a similar system of concourses and tramways to move passengers through the various areas, though the Atlanta airport also boasts a passenger train that runs between each concourse quickly and efficiently. That way you get where you need to go quickly and easily!

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