Much like finding and booking a condo for your vacation, choosing an Atlanta vacation cottage involves a little bit of research and patience in the process. There are many beautiful vacation cottages available in the Atlanta area, and in a crowded city like Atlanta, the peace and quiet offered in a cottage may be just what you’re looking for on your vacation. If what you envisioned for your Atlanta vacation was a relaxing getaway, a vacation cottage is probably the right choice for you.

Atlanta has a wide assortment of cottages for the individual, business traveler, couple or family looking for a quieter place to stay when visiting the city. Most of Atlanta’s vacation cottages extend along the shoreline of Lake Oconee or the nearby Savannah parks. Vacation cottages tend to be a short distance away from the bustle of the city, for obvious reasons, so you’ll need to consider transportation options at the same time when looking for a vacation cottage.

When choosing one of the vacation cottages Atlanta has available to visitors, you’ll need to consider that staying in a cottage is probably only feasible for travelers spending a week or more in the city. Otherwise, you’ll pay for a week’s stay and only use a few nights. However, for those planning to be in and around the city for an extended time, it may be a better option than paying for a week’s stay in a hotel. Atlanta vacation cottages generally cost around $1,200-$2,500 per week, depending on location, age, and size of the cottage.

The availability for vacation cottages is supposed to be kept up to date by the property owners, and if not, you should steer away from that cottage. Typically your vacation cottage will have an assortment of appliances and amenities that will vary according to the cottage’s location and the type of cottage. If it’s quite modern, things like air conditioning, hot water, wireless internet access, and cable television may be included, however if it’s more of a rustic cottage, it may only include the basic essentials, like an oven, full refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker.

Since the vacation cottages that tend to be available around Atlanta vary from time to time during the year and are rented out by the owners themselves, it’s important to remember that you’re dealing with real people and not a hotel-style management or corporation when you stay there. Search online to find your best available options, and read testimonials from other people who have stayed in the cottage for their vacation. Essentially, vacation cottages are small houses owned by other people who may live in the city or elsewhere who rent the cottage out to travelers. The owners may still be subject to community bylaws and regulations though, and it’s a good idea to check ahead of time about things like noise and alcohol bylaws and regulations. Since you’re dealing with the cottage owners themselves, you want to be sure you’re getting the best deal available, and that other people have been happy with their stay.

The best thing about vacation cottages in Atlanta is their proximity to a waterfront view, and the quiet relaxation you can have away from the busyness of the main city. With the city only a short drive away, you can have the best of both worlds – seeing the sites, but also resting easy with the peace of nature.

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