If the smell of exhaust invigorates your senses, if you love hearing the roar of engines and if watching cars zoom around a track at incredible speeds for hours on end gives you a thrill, the one thing you absolutely can’t afford to miss is heading to Atlanta’s Motor Speedway track! When it comes to an Atlanta vacation, NASCAR racing is one of the city’s main attractions – even drivers say that the track is one they look forward to racing on again and again.

While the Daytona and Talladega tracks might be the first to come to mind when talking about the fastest NASCAR circuit, the truth is that the Atlanta Motor Speedway is the one of the only remaining tracks without speed restrictions. What happened to those other tracks? Recently, NASCAR instituted a mandatory policy of using carburetor restrictor plates to slow the cars down. Now, cars at the Atlanta track zoom around the circuit at nearly 200mph – Atlanta NASCAR is some of the most fast, dangerous, and yet thrilling racing in the sport today.

If you are heading to the Atlanta Motor Speedway on your Atlanta vacation, the NASCAR track here is tri-oval, which means that no matter where you’re sitting in the stands, you’ll have a fantastic view of the cars and track. What’s even better, many Atlanta Motor Speedway tickets can now be bought in a package deal – just like a regular vacation package, but with NASCAR tickets included!

The track is located only 25 miles south of the city of Atlanta, and due to its popularity, more than 13,000 seats were added to the stadium in 2006 to accommodate the growing number of attendees. New luxury seating was also added, called ‘Club One’, for extra-devoted fans. The length of track is 1.54 miles long, and the grandstand can now accommodate a total of 113,000 viewers!

For your trip to the Speedway during your Atlanta vacation, NASCAR suite packages are also offered right at the track! There are three-day ticket packages available for purchase, as well as a weekend-suite pass, and Sunday-only suite tickets. Prices for the packages will vary slightly according to season, so be sure to check in advance for prices. And if suite accommodation is a little bit out of your price range, why not get adventurous and try camping by the Speedway? Visitors can reserve a campsite in a designated area next to the track, however spaces fill up fast, so don’t just show up without a reservation! Calling ahead will guarantee your place.

There is also a wide assortment of souvenirs, NASCAR memorabilia and Motor Speedway merchandise available for sale at on-site vendors, though if you’re looking for autographs, check the local newspaper when you get to the city. Drivers often prefer not to sign autographs on the day they’re racing, but it’s possible that other drivers who aren’t racing that day might make an appearance at the Speedway – you never know!

Regardless of whether you visit the Speedway for one day or stay a whole weekend with one of the fantastic suite packages, a visit to the racetrack on your Atlanta vacation will give you a whole new love and appreciation for NASCAR!

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